Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Victoria, The Kittens, Chicken Catching, and Family...

I couldn't very well update the blog without giving you a few pictures of my dear little niece, now could I?  Look at how big Victoria is getting!  This was Caleb's first Father's Day and it looks to me that he in enjoying every minute of it! 
(Kellie-Anne, these pictures are for you! LOL!)

 She can sit up too!

 How cute is that hat?
These pictures just make us want to drive right up there for a snuggle! 
She is just so precious! 
 These pictures were taken on Poppy's birthday!

Three generations!
The other day we had some folks interested in our Roosters that we had for sale.  So the four of us kids went out the night before and caught them.  It was rainy to top it off!  
We all got a little wet, but somehow Noah managed to get soaked!


And below are some snapshots of Savannah's kittens....
This is Milo...

...and this is Bucket!

Bucket and Savannah 

"Oh, this shoe tastes so good!"

Clancy has been feeling a bit like the fifth wheel!  He is actually pretty protective of the kittens, but sometimes feels a little left out!  Poor guy!

Savannah and Milo

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