Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our Trip to Ohio part 2

While we were in Ohio, Savannah and I stayed with Matthew's brother, Luke, his wife, Joan, and their three children, Nathan, Christie and Michael.   They had just moved into their new home and were very gracious to let us stay with them amidst all the hustle and bustle of moving and unpacking.  

Here the kids are enjoying pillow-fighting with Ethan!

Almost every morning that we were up there, Matthew was able to come over early and we shared our morning devotions together.  It also gave us an opportunity to practice our verse that we are memorizing together!  
Matthew gave this soft throw blanket to me as a gift...

One of the days of our trip we spent visiting the Air Force Museum!

It was a huge place full of lots of different types of aircraft, from the very earliest models of airplanes up to our more modern space shuttles.  There was even an early model blimp for good measure.  Throughout the walk through exhibit, there were plenty of plaques to read, as well as mini documentaries to sit down and watch.  We spent a few hours there and still didn't cover everything!  It was huge!

We had quite a group touring the museum together.  My whole family went, along with Matthew, of course.  Luke and his family also joined us as well as Matthew's sister, Joy, and her husband, Isaiah.  The two of them traveled down from Indiana to meet us and attend the Air Force Museum with us!  We had a very nice time visiting with them and getting to know them both.  They are newlyweds, so it was fun to see them together!

One of the cockpits you could try sitting in...

My "infamous" pose...

There were a gazillion switches!

Next it was Matthew's turn...

Ready for takeoff!

And then Ethan, our chaperone, got his chance!  He looks likes he's ready for fighting action!

We then moved on to the space exhibit.  
They had a space suit that you could get your picture taken in! 

Buzz Lightyear!

Me, the space suit.  Oh my.

Dad in the suit and Luke holding Dad's hand with Michael!  Too funny!

Savannah touring the buildings....

We all enjoyed sitting in the theatre watching a huge 3D IMAX movie!

Oh dude!

Loading back up into the van to head home...
Ethan jumped into the seat beside me, just to tease Matthew for a few minutes.  It didn't take long for Matthew to notice and tell Ethan to hop to the back!  Haha!

Stay tuned for part 3...

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