Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dad's Birthday!

Fond Memory:  When the three of us girls were little, Dad worked shift work.  On many occasions when Dad couldn't be there to personally tell us goodnight or good morning, he would leave little sticky notes on the wall beside our beds with a little personal note for each one of us.  When we'd awake in the morning, it was always so special to find a little letter from Dad!  We have saved our little notes in our keepsake boxes and enjoy going back to read them.

Funny Moment: For Dad's 30th birthday Mom was going to throw a surprise party for him.  So she asked my cousin to take him shopping for one hour, let everyone arrive, and then bring him back.  Well...the designated time came and went, everyone was already at the party waiting for the birthday boy, who was nowhere to be found.  My Mom finally got ahold of my cousin and asked him where he was at.  My cousin replied that he couldn't get Dad to come home because Dad was having a good time out shopping.  Mom said,"Well, think of something, but get him home quick!  We're all waiting!"  My cousin eventually thought of an idea to get Dad to head home.  He arrived home very surprised to find a party waiting for him!


Dad and Jordan

Happy birthday Dad!  We hope and pray that this year brings you many blessings, more than you can count!  We love you and are so thankful for you.  You lead our family well and we are so glad that you are our father!  You keep a smile on all of our faces and you never run out of new things to try and do.  Praising the Lord for you!
Love ya lots!

Joshua 24:15b
"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

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