Monday, May 11, 2015

Random Photos from Matthew's visit...

The following is a collage of photos that we took during Matthew's last visit!  Let me just warn's a good long post.   

Singing together while Matthew played his guitar....

Matthew and I tried to match whenever the opportunity arose, so here we are on a Sunday morning, in blue with khaki.

Sitting and swinging...

Just for laughs!

So happy!

He surprised me by starting to spin me!

He looks a little bit nervous about what I might do!

That's better!

While Matthew was in Florida, he let his hair grow so that I could see it long, so when he got up to our place, he decided that it was time for a trim!  We asked him if he would trim Noah's hair for us, so that we could watch him do it and try it ourselves.
After Noah's haircut, Matthew got in the chair and Dad had the blades!

Almost finished!

Towards the end of Matthew's visit, Jordan, Caleb and the girls came in from Canada for a visit before heading to Florida for their yearly vacation!

Victoria and Grandma playing with the baby goats!

All the "kids" are having fun!

Look at how big Berea is getting!

Victoria helping Grandma make sugar cookies....

Gram holding Berea!

Remember those laser tag guns that Matthew had bought us for Christmas!  We have been having a blast with them playing around our clay pit and through the woods!  Here we kids are, all decked out in our camo.
Ethan, myself, Noah, and Savannah

After Caleb heard how much we were all getting into the game, he came prepared!

It's 3D camo!  Good job Caleb!

Matthew and I, coming in from milking and feeding one morning...
we were admiring the sunrise!


Ethan, working our farm booth at our most popular market, Soda City!

Dad and Matthew playing a competitive game of ping pong!

Ethan and Matthew goofing off while Ethan is finishing up his schoolwork.

Oh my goodness!

The fellas...playing Twister!

All tied up in knots!

Playing the dulcimer together.  Matthew taught me the basics to a few songs, so it was a lot of fun to try a duet together!

Practicing his guitar.

Noah reading

Ethan, enjoying the fire

Playing chess...
I was losing, can you tell?!!  He beat me in about 12 moves, but he was very gracious and offered to play me again, in which he beat me in about 3 moves.  Uggh.  But it was a lot of fun, even though I lost horribly!

Eating dinner with everyone!

My beau!

Caleb and Matthew playing ping pong.

Jordan, resting on the couch, watching the guys play.

Out for Mom's birthday party at Red Lobster


Gram and Pop

The boys, sacked out after a game of laser tag!

Goofing around...

 ...with sunglasses.

 Enjoying lunch after the Saturday market.

 Ethan, excited to have the ping pong table!

 Matthew playing his guitar...

...and giving me a lesson.

Trying on hats!  Matthew is sooooo much fun to goof around with!

Matthew's cheese design...isn't that so sweet?!!!

 At the movies...(I really, really like this photo!)

At the zoo...
Being monkeys...

Mom and Victoria

Caleb and Victoria feeding the birds.

Noah and Victoria.

Mom and Berea!

Enjoying lunch together!  Look at Victoria's face!

On the high ropes course...

Savannah, enjoying the ropes course!

Caleb, on the rope.

Victoria riding the "horsey".

The men in red!

Or...the goofballs in red!
There we go!

 Looking sharp...

My fella, in the Canadian shirt and hat that Jordan and Caleb bought for him,...

...goofing around with shaving cream!

Caleb,...looking quite dashing in his...ahem...outfit.


We went over to a friend's house and watched them use their new workhorse.  She was an amazing animal!

Attending a play...

Matthew, playing with a group of dulcimer players here in Aiken.


  1. Was nice seeing all the photos and your news - you are such an interesting blogger. Hope your Dad had a special birthday. Looks like you all had a fun time together. Was nice Caleb and Jordan could come for a visit too. God bless!

  2. Hi Kelsey!
    I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures! Ya'll are the cutest couple! so happy for ya'll,
    In Christ,