Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Family time....

Okay folks, long time in coming, I know, but with this post, I am finally caught up on my late posts!  Whew!

Matthew was able to come down to help me celebrate my 24th birthday, which made the day all the more special for me!  Jordan and Caleb were able to stay with their girls as well, so it was nice to have my whole family there!

Eating dinner


Savannah lighting the candles

Enjoying her cake...

Matthew surprised me with a bouquet when he first arrived. *so sweet*

He also bought me a bike for my birthday!  We had so much fun riding rental bikes together through Greenville, and he already has one, so it was a wonderful gift that I'm sure the two of us will enjoy.

Trying it out!

For my birthday, Matthew offered to take me out to eat somewhere special, but I asked him if we could go on a picnic instead.  I had picked out a nice grassy area next to a pond about 5 minutes down the road from us that I thought would be really nice, so that's where we headed.

Noah was our chaperone and he did a wonderful job taking photos!

Reading the card he made for me!  That's our picture on the front!

The picnic was W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!
We had a wonderful time just kicking our shoes off and talking and eating and laughing and having a good ole time!

Some flowers that Matthew picked for my hair.

Then he got the sweet idea to make me a flower crown!  So he stopped beside the road and picked these wisteria vines and wove them into a beautiful wreath!

Saturday, on our way to the market
Jordan snuggling on the couch with her girlies!

Matthew, getting ready to jump into the pool!
Ethan, Noah, Caleb and Matthew jumped in even though it was still very cold.
Jordan and Berea hanging out by the pool.
Victoria, pretending like she's gonna jump in.
Clancy, watching all the going-ons from the picnic table.

Playing bean bag toss

Matthew and I getting ready to jump into the pool with Noah.
(Did I mention that the water was still cold?)

The baby goats...can you spot Buddy sleeping in the milk crate?
Dad had a pool customer who was getting rid of this little car, so he brought it home and fixed it up so it's running again for his granddaughters.  Victoria and Berea LOVE it!

Caleb, after getting half of his beard shaved off for the first time in years! 
Hanging out at the park!

C-U-T-E Berea!
Coming down the slide!
A kid at heart!

Swinging with Grandma!

Hunting for Easter eggs...

We all really enjoyed the time that we were able to spend with Jordan, Caleb, Victoria and Berea while they were down here!  We can't wait to meet the new little Yuck this fall!

Grandpa and Berea

Doing our morning Bible devotions on the back porch...

...and Noah, Mom and Savannah surprised us by serving us breakfast for two out there!
Absolutely lovely!  (And delicious!) 

Matthew worked the Master's golf tournament as a valet/driver with Dad, Ethan and Poppy while he was down here visiting.  He brought me home these beautiful bouquets one evening after work!!!
(He brought me the sunflowers because I mentioned that they were my favorite flower.  Awe....)

Mom, working around the yard with Toby, her dog, and Buddy, her goat!  Too cute!

We recently got a new Great Pyrenees puppy!

Meet Max!

Puppy love!

Sunday morning!

Simply enjoying each other's company!

Savannah has been our faithful photographer/chaperone whenever we need her!  My whole family has been stepping in when we want to go somewhere or do something together and need a chaperone volunteer to go with us!  They are all so sweet!


  1. Loved all the photos and the story going along with it, Thanks for sharing your lives with us. You seem to have such a sweet spirit and your family seems to enjoy being together and helping out - that is so refreshing and uplifting. May God bless you as you serve Him and seek His will in your future.