Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The dress...

While Matthew was here, he mentioned wanting to buy me a dress that I could wear to my friend's upcoming wedding.  I've done a little dress shopping before, but it's hard to find anything modest these days.  My sister, Jordan, had ordered a dress online that was modest, but we were running out of time to get a dress in.  So off we went to a couple of different department stores.  Nothing remotely caught my eye, nothing with which I felt I could comfortably wear around.  Until the end of our shopping day.  We found a lovely mint green colored dress.  It was very modest, but the price was a little bit more than I wanted Matthew to spend, so I suggested we keep shopping.  He agreed, saying that if we found something we liked better than that green dress, we'd get it.  Little did I know he was hatching an idea in his head.  
A few days later we again went out dress shopping in Augusta where there are more department stores.  Still nothing, so I told him I had a nice peach outfit that I had been planning on wearing.  He suggested that we match for the wedding, so one evening after eating out with my family, we stopped by the mall to search for a peach shirt for him.  He seemed distracted, but I didn't think too much of it.  I thought maybe he didn't like trying on clothes.  He quickly found a peach shirt that he liked, along with a pair of khaki pants.
The day of my friend's wedding arrived.  After finishing up milking and chores, I headed to the shower.  Matthew told me to go in there and not come back out until I was ready.  Odd?  Okay.  I walked into the bathroom and there hanging from the shower rod was the mint green dress, along with a white bolero jacket and matching white shoes!!!
He had, at some time, gone back and gotten the outfit without me knowing it!  And...I came to find out that he had planned on buying that outfit for me as a surprise all along! Shopping for the peach shirt was a cover-up.  While Matthew was trying on peach shirts, he had my brother-in-law Caleb out searching for mint green shirts!

Here we are with the dress and the peach outfit that Matthew had picked out.

Since none of the mint green shirts were an exact match, we headed back to Augusta to find a close match.  We ended up finding one that was spot on, and on sale too!

The matching outfits!
He looked super dashing, and I really loved wearing the green dress!

Savannah and I enjoying ourselves.

Jordan and Caleb, with Berea and Victoria.


My wonderful Mom and Dad.

My dear friend, Jesse, and her husband!  What a beautiful bride she was!  And so very, very happy.

So happy to be together!

Looking smashing!

Looking goofy!!!!

Playing around with our good old southern sweet tea glasses...

 *me and my fella*

Matthew was so sweet to go through all the trouble and expense to surprise me with that lovely mint green dress!  And then search diligently for something that matched!  That was a lot of fun!  


  1. That was super sweet of Matthew and you both looked lovely - you look like you belong together :)

  2. I had only one dress. I've been sick a long time so I really didn't need one. Then I heard about a company called eShakti where you pick out a dress you like and custom order it for $7.50! You can change the neckline, sleeves, hem line, etc. I LOVE this place. Here is a link to the post I wrote about it and me in my dress that fits like a glove! Your dress is lovely!

  3. You two are so adorable----and so very, very silly, too. Your outfits are so nice-looking and the color is beautiful with both your and Matthew's coloring.
    A long time ago I read an article that said that too much color coordination in couples was inappropriate because it sends a very subtle influence that the two start becoming more like brother/sister over time than romantic partners. While I don't think this is entirely true, the few times David and I wore matchy-poo outfits our friends would ask us if our mommy dressed us! But it's funny--David is up earlier in the morning than I, and he dresses in the dark. I get up later and dress---and when he comes home for lunch we find that we are wearing the same colors! So go figure. What is better than dress colors is how you and your darling are already starting to look a little more alike, which happens only in the happiest of love relationships. You two are so beautiful together.---Margaret

  4. You both are looking really adorable together and your dresses are also looking great. I am also getting engaged this month and need a list of best event spaces out there in NYC. Please help me with your best suggestions.