Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Reception...

Savannah bought us this cute little chalkboard to write each other little notes!

Our card table...
(Mom, Savannah and Jordan put together all of the bouquets that were on the tables using the leftover flowers from my bouquet and flowers that were around the farm.  They did an excellent job!)

Dessert table

Food table
(All of our guests did a wonderfully, delicious job of helping supply the food for the picnic!  There was a ton of food.  Thanks everybody!)

Matthew's dulcimer, set up and ready to play.

Matthew's little brother.  I think he was imagining the kiss.  -big, cheesy grin-

Coming down to greet the guests as Mr. & Mrs.!

Very, very happy couple!

Our first kiss for the photographer.

Dad announcing us... we come...

...husband and wife!

Our audience, ready and waiting to see the first public kiss.

Matthew had wanted to dip me to kiss me for the first time, so we practiced once upstairs and it went really smooth.  But when we got out in front of everybody, it was less than picturesque!  But boy, was it fun!  It had us laughing till we were red in the face!

And we had our guests laughing too!

The second dip kiss looked a little better!

Dad, praying for our meal...

Sweet tenderness...<3 p="">

Hugging all of our friends and family and thanking them for coming 

Mom and Matthew

Mom and I



The Dickerson Family

Matthew and I with Mom & Dad Dickerson

Both sets of parents!

My Mom and Dad

My side of the family...

...shocked to see us kissing! LOL!

The Dickerson and Hammond Families

All of us crammed onto the stairwell to get another group shot!


The brothers!

...with me.

Enjoying the food

Jordan and Berea

Laughing with our sister-in-law, Joan.

My new nephew, Nathan!

Gram with her siblings

The Adams side of the family.

Katelynn and Elaina, our cousins that we babysat as babies!

Matthew played a song on his dulcimer for everyone.

The rain didn't start till halfway through our reception and ended quickly!  Praise the Lord He gave us a beautiful outdoor wedding day!

Sweet moments between mother and son.

Christie, my new niece, was fascinated with my jewel on the waistband. ;-)

Giving the kiss a thumbs up!

Paul playing the dulcimer

Victoria on Savannah's lap.

Our rings

Enjoying each other

My uncle was having fun getting the mop to stand on it's own!

All of us married siblings, kissing!
I love this photo!

Savannah fixing my veil.

Our vehicle...

About 30 folks had fun decorating our vehicle!

Our exit...

Hugging goodbye

Full of balloons

Squeezing the balloon?

Driving off! 
No chaperones!!!! 

(All photos taken by David Russell Photography)


  1. LOVED - LOVED all the photos!

  2. Precious, precious times. Thank you both for sharing your lives with your readers! <3

  3. Wow, Kelsey, your ring is lovely. I was so surprised that from the side it makes a perfect ichthys with a heart for the eye! Did Matthew design it like that? Both of you have many, many gifts. Blessed couple.

    1. Yes, Matthew picked out several of the features that he wanted on the ring. He picked out the weave, then asked for yellow gold instead of white gold, and then asked them to change it to a heart shaped diamond. I think it's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen!