Tuesday, February 2, 2010

10 So Far

On Wednesday, the 27th, Allie had her babies. One doe and one buck. Their names are Sidney and Mario. They were the biggest babies yet!

And last night, about 1:30 at night, Dreamer had her three babies. Two bucks and a doe. All are beautiful and none of them look alike! The little black buck has something wrong with both eyes. We are praying that he isn't blind and that it will heal quickly.

(Dreamer's boy)

(Dreamer's girl)

(Dreamer's boy/this is the one with eye problems)
So our tally right now is 4 girls (Corrie, Sadie, Sidney and the new one) and 6 boys (Chance, Sparrow, Shawn, Mario, and the two new ones).

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