Monday, February 15, 2010

A Blizzard in South Carolina

Okay, so not really a blizzard! But we did end up with about 6 inches of snow, which for South Carolina is a big deal! We haven't gotten that much snow in 8 years! It was exhilarating!

So it all began on Friday afternoon...

After hearing year after year of reports that "this winter is gonna be a bad one" or "we might just get our snow this year", and nothing ever really happens, one finally grows very skeptic that it's ever going to snow. Or at least, I did.

But I was wrong this time! It started snowing about 3:00 o'clock and it kept up until early the next morning. We started playing in it that night until dark...

...and early Saturday morning we were back out in the snow (right after the chores, of course), and boy did we have a ball! We built a fort, threw snowballs, went sledding, pulled each other around on the tractor, made snow angels, went for a walk, took lots of pictures (about 50!), had a fire, and just had a grand old time of it! By noon on Saturday everything was dripping and the snow was soon long gone, but we are still talking about it! (It's strange to be able to sing "I'm dreaming of a white Valentine's Day..."!)

You know you're in a South Carolina snow when:

-Your lap dog barks ferociously at it and tries to tear it to pieces

-Your goats won't walk to the garage to be milked for fear of "THE WHITE STUFF" (they did finally get over their fear, thankfully)

-Your laying hens can't find their way back to the coop after "the blizzard"

-Nobody eats breakfast until 10:30 because they don't want to miss the fun

-Your kittens run around trying to catch it

-Your golden retriever plays so hard in it the first day that he doesn't even feel like going back out the next

These are just a couple of pictures. Don't worry, there'll be plenty more!

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  1. Great pics, love the snow! We should get at least one good dumping per year if you ask me and we might since we are not in a state of global warming, lol! God Bless!