Friday, February 26, 2010

Goats, goats, & more goats...

Our kidz

Mom and I recently built them a platform to jump on and they absolutely love it. We built it out of cypress wood which is a lot easier to hammer into. We pride ourselves on building this, because you should see some of the other projects we've tried! We did have some instruction from Poppy, though! ( It is level, it just doesn't look like it!)


Roxie - the milker


We recently bought two new goats from a friend of ours up in Blythewood, SC. We bought one milker and one yearling. We also traded a buck of ours for a buck that wasn't related to our does. We named him Levi. (I still have to get a picture of him)

The doe that we have been waiting on for a month now to have her babies finally had hers last Saturday! As big as she was, she only had two (last year she had 4). Both were very big and healthy though, so we aren't complaining! What makes these two stand out is the fact that neither one of them had frosted ears! It is a very uncommon thing to have a Nubian without frosted ears, but they are just too cute! They are both a chocolate brown so the girl is Brownie and the boy is Fudgy.

Fudgy and Brownie
(This isn't a very good picture of them. Brownie looks like a deer in the headlights. This was right after I bottle fed them and everytime I had them in a good view of the camera, they moved toward me looking for their bottles!)
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