Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Step 2 On The Dairy

There is a huge pile of clay in our side yard right now. We have had to get loads of fill brought in for where our dairy is going to be to make it all level. (We finally found the "perfect" spot to put the dairy barn! Not too close to the garden so that we have room for expansion, but close enough to the house so we can run to it easily in the rain or the cold,...not in the way of backing up vehicles, but also not too far down the hill where the ground starts to slope! You get the idea! And this is only the beginning! The small hills on our land sure do make for a pretty landscape, but are not very practical for building!) So as the man drops the clay off and goes back for another load, Dad is diligently smoothing it out with the tractor. He was even working on it in the dark last night until it started raining, and then finished it this morning. We are all enjoying watching the loads of clay come in, especially Noah and the twins. They stand at the window and watch every single load! So, we are on step two of the dairy barn. The next step will be cement pouring...
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