Monday, February 13, 2012

Belated Christmas Post!

Now, for the second belated post...our Christmas!
These pictures were taken at our Annual Christmas Eve service at our church.
The lovely bride-to-be!

Everyone usually takes part and either reads a part of the Christmas story, sings, or plays an instrument.  It is always a very special time that we all enjoy!
Poppy and Savannah
My wonderful parents!
The Hammond Ladies
Jordan, Mom, me and Savannah!

Noah and Ethan with the Stevens brothers!

Jordan practicing her dulcimer with one of our little friends from church looking on.

I love this picture!
Poppy, Gram and Mom

The next couple of pictures were taken on Christmas day!  We had a wonderful, relaxing day of playing games, eating good food and simply enjoying one another's company!

This was an ornament that the five of us kids bought for Mom and Dad for Christmas.  Every couple of years we recieve a new Christmas decoration similar to this one from various family members.  We love each and every one, because it signifies through the years how our family has grown and changed.  So this year, we decided to get a new one, since, after all, we do have one more person to add to the family!!!

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  1. It looks like you all had a very nice Christmas. I loved the family ornament. How cute!