Monday, February 20, 2012

Canada for Christmas (Part 4)

The Yucks threw a wedding shower for Jordan and Caleb during our trip!  It was lovely and they used the colors of the wedding for the theme of the shower!

Savannah and Mom

Father of the bride!

Mr. Yuck, me and Mom

We also celebrated Jordan's birthday early so that Caleb could be there for it.


Ethan showing Libby how to "fix" Caleb's hair!


  1. Lots of wonderful photos. The shower cake was quite beautiful. It was nice that you could spend Christmas together. I guess the next posts will be wedding ones! :) What a joyous time at your house.



  2. I like all the photos, it seems to me that you can never have enough photos. :D
    The cake is sooo beautiful, and the blue looks great!
    I am very excited for you all and my family and I are praying for you two.