Monday, February 20, 2012

Canada for Christmas (Part 1)

A couple of days after Christmas, we packed our bags and headed north to spend a second Christmas with the Yuck family!

We awoke at 3:00, were on the rode at 4:00 and reached their house around 9:00ish at night!  One day of driving!  Whew!  And talk about cold.  We unloaded our suitcases that night and that was probably the coldest day of our whole two week stay there!

Jordan and Caleb were pretty happy to see each other again!

The morning after we got there, Jordan and Caleb celebrated their first "Christmas" together.

Caleb got Jordan a big bag of "KISSES"!
chuckle, chuckle

While we were there, we also celebrated New Year's Eve with them.  On the menu for the day was "Taco-in-a-bag" and "Oreo-sunday-in-a-bag"!  We each crunched up a bag of Doritos, put seasoned hamburger meat in the bag, threw some diced tomatoes and lettuce in it, dolloped a spoonfull of sour cream into the bag, and sprinkled a little cheese on top and VOILA!

For dessert, we took a bag or mini oreos, crunched them up, put a scoop of ice cream in the bag, and poured some chocolate syrup on top!  Delicious!

After eating, we played a bunch of fun, silly games and got really giddy!  This picture is of me, trying to stack some cups three times, ending up with the blue cup on top before the timer ran out.

Dad and Mom played a game where Dad bounced some balls onto the floor and tried with only one bounce to land them in the waste basket!  Mom would gather them as they flew all over the room and hand them back to Dad!

In the next video, the goal of the game was to blow a feather across the room into a bucket.  As you can imagine, not many got it in the bucket!  Ethan was the only one from our family who made it in, but it was fun trying!

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