Monday, April 15, 2013

Family, Friends & Fun: Fourth and Final Part

Here are a few more pictures from Jordan, Caleb and Victoria's visit!

Uncle Ethan and his little niece

While they were here, they came up with the great idea to do a group birthday party.  They had bought us each gifts while they were down in Florida, and decided that they would give them to us while they were here so that they could see us open them and enjoy it with us!  It worked really well and we all enjoyed the unique gifts that they found us!  They are both so thoughtful!  That might be how we decide to do all of their children's birthday gifts as well, so that we could enjoy it with them!  We'll see.... 

Victoria meeting the goats!

Auntie Kelsey and Victoria

Auntie Savannah and Victoria

This shirt says it all...."Auntie's Crazy About Me!"

Jordan and Caleb were here on Easter Sunday, so we enjoyed getting Victoria her own little wind-up bunny!  She enjoyed watching it hop around, and we enjoyed watching her!

My handsome brother, Noah, all dressed up and ready for church Easter morning, helping out in the kitchen.  He had to wear an apron so that he didn't get anything on his church clothes, but we thought he looked mighty fancy! 

 I didn't get any pictures at church, (I know, I know....I forgot my camera again!) but the Girotti family joined us for church as well.  Everyone at church enjoyed meeting them and getting a chance to talk with them!  They were able to stay for our fellowship meal following the service and then headed back to pick up their grandmother later that afternoon.  We were so glad that they stopped by and spent some time with us.  It always nice to spend time with another like-minded family!

Victoria getting her picture taken on Easter.  She wasn't so sure if she liked it or not!  But she sure did make some funny faces!

Ain't she so cute!?!

It's been Noah and Ethan's tradition every year to go swimming ON Easter.  Since Caleb was here for Easter, he decided to go with them!  It was quite cold though, and Noah ended up being the only one who didn't get in!  He made up for it by going about a week later!

One worn out, but adorable little girl!

Sunday afternoon, guess who decided to stop back by our place?????  If you guessed the Yuck family, you're right and we couldn't have been more pleased!  They were heading back home from their month in Florida, so they all came sporting some very nice tans and big smiles!

The next morning just happened to be April Fool's Day, right!?!  So what better than to get some people good! 

I called Dad early that morning from the dairy and "informed" him that one of our does had gotten mastitis, and that he would have to come take a look at her.  None of the does had, but it made for a good joke! 

 Gram came running in that afternoon, huffing and puffing, letting us know that one of the does was kidding and we'd better get out there right away.  We all jumped up from the table and started heading for the door when she announced, "April Fool's!".  Arrghh! 

 But the icing on the cake would have to go to Miss Debbie who hatched out a plan in her mind for Caleb early that morning.  She tapped on his door that morning, at about 8:00 in the morning, telling him to hurry up.  He rushed to the door and asked what was wrong and she told him that their relief milker who was filling in for them had broken his arm and they would have to get back to milk that night.  She proceeded to tell him that Mr. Paul was catching a flight back home in a few hours and Caleb was going to have to drive his car back, with Miss Debbie, Jordan, and all the girls following at a slower pace in their van.  He said that he'd let Jordan know and he'd be down in a minute.  Dad went along with it and asked if there was anything he could do to help them pack up!  After this, Miss Debbie came out to the dairy where Mom, Savannah and myself were waiting to hear how the joke went.  Well....we didn't know that the joke was still going on!  Mom asked Miss Debbie how it went and she replied that he still didn't know it was a joke!  We were all shocked because we usually tell the "fool" right away that the whole thing was a joke, but we had never let one run on like this before.  We didn't have long to wait though, because out came Caleb to talk to his Dad to find out more details.  I had been out talking with Mr. Paul and so was standing there listening in as poor, sleepy Caleb got had!

Caleb: "So...where...where do you fly into, Dad?"
Mr. Paul: "Ottawa."
Caleb: "Oh, right...I know that,...I meant...when are you supposed to arrive?"
Mr. Paul: "Oh, around 3:00."
Caleb: "Right, and Uncle Jimmy is supposed to pick you up?"
Mr. Paul: "Yes."

At this point, Miss Debbie came around the corner of dairy with Dad and Noah close behind, and just shrugged her shoulders, but then blurted out "You April Fool!"

It took Caleb a few seconds to figure out what was going on, but when he did his face got red and he just kept repeating, "Just you wait, I'll get you back.  It might not be today, it might not be next year, it might not even be for 10 years, but I'll get you back!" 

Then he realized that Jordan still thought that it was true, so he went back in the house, grabbed her shoulders, and said, "April Fool's honey."  As it slowly sunk in to her too, she couldn't believe that she'd been had as well.  She had already started packing and had recruited all of the little girls help with getting everything in order.  What's even funnier is that the whole time, Liberty is running around saying, "Pinch, punch, first of the month."  It didn't register to Jordan though.  Once Jordan found out, all she could say was, "It's a good thing you guys didn't wake my baby up!"

We all had a good laugh, especially when Jordan and Caleb said that they felt like they had an extra day to spend with us since they didn't have to leave till that night now! 

 So Miss Debbie definitely won the prize for the day!

Caleb, Noah and Liberty playing Battleship

Dad and his little granddaughter

Mr. and Mrs. Yuck


Ethan, Cherish, Honour and Blessing playing checkers

Victoria "talking" to her great-grandpa!

Victoria enjoying her grandma on her last day with us.   

We went out to eat at the Outback Steakhouse for their last night with us and relished having them here for a few more hours.  We missed them as soon as they left, but we are so thankful for the time that we had with them.  We are already looking forward to our next trip up to Canada!


  1. Haha, I LOVE the prank on Caleb and Jordan! :D April Fool's Day is a favorite day of mine...heh. I was disappointed at traveling in the car most of the day on Monday and not being able to pull all my usual pranks.

    Next year....

  2. I enjoyed Part 4, too! Thanks for sharing all the pics, especially of Caleb's parents!

    Well, as Sarah mentioned in her comment, she couldn't pull her usual pranks...well, she didn't say that she got us first thing with a real April Fool joke. She and Jonathan and Dad were headed back to VA on Monday morning (Hannah, Granny, and I weren't leaving until Tuesday). Anyway, she called me shortly after they left the hotel and said Jonathan was sick and throwing up. I said, "Oh, no! He must have gotten it from that sick kid at church!" She knows how to get to her momma for sure telling me one of them is sick!

    Well, she quickly told me April Fool before it got too far along....but Granny was telling me to tell Sarah before we hung up that she had packed her pills in one of her suitcases that they had taken on ahead with them! Oh no! That really got me going because it meant either they would have to turn around or I would have to get in touch with her doctor to write a quick prescription to get filled for the couple of days before we could get home and get those pills!

    Well, Sarah thinks they're going to have to come all the way back with the pills. Then Granny said April Fool!

    All i can say is for our family being apart on April Fool's Day, we certainly got each other good via phone! :)

  3. Sarah & Mrs. Girotti,
    It sounds like you all had an exciting April Fool's Day as well! Your Granny sounds like she is quite good at pulling one over on you guys!

    Our family really likes this holiday, maybe because we are all pranksters! I didn't really think that the joke on Caleb and Jordan was going to work that well, because I thought that they would remember what day it was, but they admitted later that they hadn't even realized the date before they went to bed the night before, unlike the rest of us, who had been planning and scheming! Heh, heh, heh!

    Sarah, you'll have to keep me informed on what you do next year! I already can't wait to hear about it!


    1. To tide you over til next year, you can read about previous years' pranks! :)

  4. Ahhhh...I see all of the pranksters have gathered over here! Well then, I'll just make myself a cup of tea and cosy on over!

    The best part about the joke we pulled was that it was on Caleb. I mean, who doesn't like pulling Caleb's leg? It's such great sport! Almost as good as pulling one over on your dad, Kelsey!!

    Wonderful photos of sweet Victoria! I was speaking with Kellie-Anne tonight and she lamented the fact that we're not very good at sending photos, so I told her to head on over here if she wants to see how precious Victoria is, I told her you do a terrific job. So, she's going to be "creeping", as she calls it, on your blog, so don't be surprised if you see her show up from time to time. :-)

    Now I'm going to go and find Mrs. Girotti and introduce myself properly. Seems we did actually meet at one or two of the NCFIC conferences, but didn't actually visit much. That'll have to be remedied at the next conference, God willing!

    Big hugs to everyone there!


  5. By all means, Ms. Debbie, tell Kellie-Anne to come on over and lurk or follow or creep or whatever she'd like to do! We'd love to have her!

    Even BIGGER hugs to everyone up there!