Monday, April 8, 2013

Family, Friends & Fun: Part 2

The Photo Shoot...
Did I mention that we got a new camera?  And it's wonderful!  We got a Nikon Coolpix P510 and it is so much nicer than our old one.  I am loving it!  So what better to do with a new camera than go out and do a photo shoot! 
She loves her uncles!
The Friday that Jordan and Caleb were here found us making our way to none other than.....
Hopeland Gardens!
Remember March 2011?

This was the picture from the first time the Yuck family came to visit us.  We took them to Hopeland Gardens and snapped this photo, never realizing that the two people on the outside of the picture would one day get married....
These two pictures are from July 2011, shortly after Jordan and Caleb starting courting.

And now...March 2013!
My! How times change!


This tree has sort of become "Jordan and Caleb's Spot"!

How cute is that!?!

"Do you want me to smile like this?"

Taking a picture of a fellow picture taker!  Hi Vanna!


Mom & Vanna
Victoria: "Would it be cuter, Auntie Kelsey, if I crossed my legs for the picture?"
She is so photogenic!

Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, and Victoria

The Uncles!

Mom and Dad holding Victoria



Little angel
Okay, remember this picture from July 2011?

 I think Jordan and Caleb like it better this way!

 One Big Happy Family


  1. Those photos turned out wonderfully!!!! LOVE them!!

  2. They are all just beautiful. Thank you for sharing them!