Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Little Darling

Jordan sent us some pictures of Victoria enjoying her bouncy swing!  We all loved this when we were babies, so we were glad to see that she likes it too!
 Look at how little she looks in the doorway!

Swinging and smiling!

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  1. Seriously, is she cute or what?! No bias from this Grammie at all! :-)

    We just bought her two new toys. Caleb and Jordan bought an "Exersaucer" for at their place, and we bought one for her when she's here. Got them both through Kijiji, Caleb and Jordan did the running around. We're going to sanitize them and then look forward to seeing her in them, I'm sure Jordan will send pics. And here I thought I'd gotten beyond having all those space-consuming toys in my house! But I love it. :-)