Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Family, Friends & Fun: Part 1

Look who came for a visit!!! 
Isn't she just the most darling little thing that you've ever seen, sitting there in her grandmother's arms!

At the beginning of March, Caleb, Jordan & Victoria came down for a visit!  They were scheduled to arrive on Thursday, but they decided to get even with us for showing up early at their house.  So on Wednesday night while we were finishing up cleaning for them, here they came, pulling up our driveway!  Those turkeys!  All that day, we had been calling them, trying to map out their trip as they came down, but they were lying to us!  But we forgave them quickly because we were all so glad to see them.  It was amazing how much sweet Victoria had changed.
This is Victoria meeting her great-grandparents for the first time.  Gram & Pop were quite smitten with her.

Victoria is their first great-grandchild.

Well, we naively thought that that was the end of the surprises, but the next morning, while we were making cheese in the cheese room, we got a phone call from the Yuck family, asking if Jordan and Caleb got their safely, and were we surprised, and sorry that they couldn't make it down our way this year, but hopefully next year, and encouraging us to have fun with Caleb and Jordan and Victoria.  No sooner did we hang up the phone, than who pulls up our driveway?  Yup!  The Yuck family!  Those tricksters!  They were able to visit with us for a few days before heading down to Florida and we were so happy that they came. 
So, we got tricked twice, and then all of us called a truce!  The good Lord surely had a sense of humor when he joined our two families together!
~  ~  ~
For Christmas, Caleb and Jordan bought Mom and Dad this lovely blanket with a picture from their wedding!   How thoughtful and original!  Due to border crossing issues, the blanket didn't arrive in time for Christmas.  It actually didn't arrive until the day after we left Canada, so Caleb and Jordan brought it down on this trip!

This is a random picture.  Clancy got worn out and plopped down on Noah's bed to take a nap!  Funny dog!

Auntie Bethany and Victoria
Dad holding Victoria before church on Sunday.

Mom, Dad & grandbaby

Caleb and Jordan 
Mrs. Stevens and her baby, and Jordan and her baby.
Uncle Noah holding his niece

The first four generation photo taken.
Our family

Jordan said that one of the things that she missed most about living in South Carolina was the thrift stores, so while they were down here we made up for all of the time she was gone! He,he,he!  We shopped at four different places on their trip!
This is Dad/Grandpa and Victoria "waiting" ahem, sleeping on one of the couches for sale at the thrift store.  Two of a kind!

Mom/Grandma talking to Victoria

 "Look at me and all of the funny faces that I can do to make everyone laugh!"

Here we are eating out at the German restaurant.  Hmm,hmmm!  Delicious!

The Yuck family!

Savannah and I
Mom and Dad

Noah and Ethan

We celebrated Jordan & Caleb's 1st anniversary with them the day before they left.  Here Caleb is opening one of Victoria's gifts to him.... a little outfit that says "I Love Daddy". 
(Do you know how hard it is to find things that say "Daddy" on them?)

Some more pictures of Victoria....
We are teaching Victoria early to like our favorite game, Parcheesi!  You're never too young to learn,...even if you are sleeping through the whole thing!

After spending about 11 days with us, they traveled down to Florida to meet up with the rest of the Yuck family.  They spent about two weeks down there and then returned to our house to finish up their vacation.  That will be the next stay tuned!


  1. What a wonderful visit. Little Victoria is so cute. I'm sure you all enjoyed having her there so much.


  2. Lots of sweet family time, looks like!

    Happy birthday to Kelsey! :) May God bless your day and coming year. Enjoyed visiting y'all!

  3. Yes, we did have a wonderful time. It was a lovely visit!

    Hannah, thank you for the birthday wishes! And we enjoyed visiting with you all as well!