Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Better Whey...

A-Whey with your problems!
When we make cheese, the by-product is whey. Whey is filled with tons of vitamins! We recently had someone start getting some whey from us who had a toe fungus for years. She started drinking the whey and putting a few drops of it on her toes and within one week, her toe is starting to heal and she says it is the best her toes have ever looked!
Another lady had a severe problem with her eyes for two years and after seeing several doctors about it, no one could figure out what was up. At that time she started drinking our whey, and within one week her eye/vision problem was completely gone!
It amazes us at some of the simple remedies that work so good!


  1. Well, as you know, the Ways sure do love your whey. We've found so many ways to use the whey and are so thankful for it! The Ways :)

  2. Your dad should try rubbing some whey on his scalp. Maybe he will start growing some hair! Now that would be a money maker.

  3. No way, Way Family! Did we ever mention that we love your name!

  4. You think of everything, don't you Uncle Kurt? Ha, Ha, Ha! -Kelsey