Friday, August 27, 2010

The Early Years...Part 1

Some of you have asked what our farm looked like in the beginning. So we thought we'd have some fun and dig up some "pictures of the past"!

This is a picture of our original herd of goats. They were briar/shrub goats. We bought these goats in 1997. We had recently eaten at a restaurant that had goats in a pen out back and just fell in love with them. Mom thought in would be a good homeschool project, so very soon after we bought these cutie pies! From left to right: Frisky (Kelsey's goat), Cocomo (Jordan's goat), Louis (our Boer buck), Sunshine (Savannah's goat), and Mary (the family goat). We did buy one more goat when we bought these, named Angel, but she died within the first few days we had her home. Five goats sure doesn't seem like a lot now, but back then I thought we had a BIG herd!

Jordan (8) with our first baby goat born, Barry.

Savannah (3) with Barry

This was their pen, about a 20x40 foot pen with a barn and a climbing stand.

And we thought chickens would also be a good project, so...

We built a chicken pen right next to our little goat pen! It was the same size as the goat pen. My grandparents found this little doll house and fixed it up for us three girls to play in. But after it became infested with wasps, and spiders, and all sorts of creepy crawlies, we didn't use it anymore, so it was transformed into a beautiful chicken coop that is still in use today!

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