Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet The Staff

We thought that you all would enjoy
meeting the staff of Trail Ridge Farm and Dairy
and seeing what what we do!
Kelly Hammond (Dad):
Co-Owner, Co-Manager, Sales Representative,
Computer Technician, & Head of the Labeling Department

Shelly Hammond (Mom):
Co-Owner, Co-Manager, Homestead
Cheesemaker, Secretary, Building and Grounds Maintenance,
& Sales Representative

Jordan Hammond:
Experimental and New Product Line Developer,
Sales Representative, & Homestead Cheesemaker

Kelsey Hammond:
Milking Operation Department, Animal
Maintenance, Building and Grounds Maintenance,
& Computer Technicians Assistant

Savannah Hammond:
Farm and Dairy Maintenance, Building and Grounds
Maintenance, & Sanitation Department

Ethan Hammond:
Sales Representative, Farm Maintenance
Assistant, & Waste Management

Noah Hammond:
Head of Water and Waste Management

Darrell Edens (Pop):
Building and Grounds Maintenance

Anna Edens (Gram):
Building and Grounds Maintenance,
& Milking Operation Assistant

1 comment:

  1. Waste Management?! Talk about helping me out! The next time my boys want to complain about chores I can just say, "Well, would you like to be in charge of waste management like the Hammond boys?"! Silas does already scrub the toilets though so I guess he's in charge of the Way'ste management too. Just on a much smaller scale! Ha!